Amish Country Tours- Enjoy the Peaceful Life of Amish Community

The Amish people avoid the way of life of the modern society, they actually enjoying a quiet peaceful life in their zones. The Amish Country Tours are actually being organized to help the people of advanced society to be in the part of a peaceful lifestyle. The Amish quilts are just perfect to enjoy the original art. The Amish people live off the land with very little or take no help from the rest of the world. There is no electricity, no automobiles, no telephones or anything like technology in their homes. There is no inside plumbing or electricity system, no art or other pictures.

Amish Country Tours

The Amish people never use their talent for self-purposes, because they considered it a sin of pride. Art is regarded with contempt by the Amish people because it doesn’t serve a real purpose. Even though many of the Amish people are very brilliant artists. Their women put their artistic ability in quilting because this work itself served a purpose. They use it to cover their beds and now many people from the other countries join Amish people to learn more about quilting.

According to the statistics available online, ‘’Between the years 1850 and 1870, the Amish were designing their own signature quilts by using the real colours and piecing rectangle, squares and triangles together to form patterns. The simple coloured patterns then evolved into bolder colours and ultimately the style became beautiful flowers, grapevines, and baskets.’’ The Amish Country Tours are actually the way to be in the part of quilt festivals to know more about this art and their community.

The different styles were placed in the corners and the borders, but finally, these styles made their way to the centres. This is easy to tell the age of an Amish quilt after having a look at the design and the colours that are used in them. The Amish people started creating the quilts for selling them at their local markets. Even though the Amish still desired and enjoyed their privacy, they were able to find a balance between their simple life and still benefit from the sale of their hand-stitched quilts. This was the reason that the Amish women using brighter colours and the unique patterns.

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